A Section 132 Transportation (Transit) Plan allows employees to pay for commuter, transit, and qualified parking expenses with pre-tax dollars. The sponsoring employer also saves the 7.65% FICA match on each premium dollar their employees pre-tax. A transit plan is a way for employers to help employees decrease daily transportation costs and encourage them to utilize different types of commuter options.

Qualified Transportation expenses include any of the following: qualified parking expenses at or near the employer and/or the location from which employees commute by vanpool, carpool, or in a commuter highway vehicle, passes for mass transit facilities such as a subway, and expenses related to commuter vehicles used in vanpooling.

BMS Transportation Benefit Administration includes Employer Only secured website access to reporting, comprehensive employee education, routine plan updates to our Clients based on changes in rules and regulation of Section 132, FREE Transit Debit Card for participants, free Mobile App for smart phones and an employee website for secure claims entry, tracking of reimbursements, and many other features. BMS Transit administration also includes daily claims review, adjudication, and processing, as well as twice a week reimbursement payments. Our dedicated Customer Services Staff is always available to answer any questions